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Weirdlines/bumps Above Brows Post-Botox

I had 40 units of Botox injected 2 weeks ago....

I had 40 units of Botox injected 2 weeks ago. (Forehead, brow area and crows feet) This morning, I noticed I had 2 lines...kind of like very hair line bumps almost, right above each brow. I called the Derm, went in and the Dr. corrected it by adding 5 addl. units at no charge. She said it was fairly common and resulted from the fact that she maybe didn't inject ENOUGH botox previously. She put the addl. units in the very top of my forehead and said these were the muscles that control rigth above your eyebrows.

This is my 6th time I've had Botox, and have never experienced this before, It's not super noticebale or anything, but its kind of weird. Anyone else had this or other complications? I'm starting to get nervous about doing it again.


Most physicians, including myself, do not inject 20 units into the forehead. Proper injections into the glabellar and brow area can lift the lower half of the face quite nicely. I usually only inject about 8 units into the upper brow region. A few patients want "the frozen look" and I will oblige, but I feel the object is to have no lines at rest and some movement with expression. Limiting the number of Botox units is less expensive, and avoids the brow drop. BTW, I have mostly been using Dysport on the forehead and Botox in the other areas. Dysport is great for the forehead because of the way it disperses. For people with deep or crow's feet that extend out, I feel Dysport is superior there also. Of course, I am an East Coast physician with an attendant differing attitude than our West Coast colleagues.
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Is there anything different this time with you compared to previous treatments of Botox? Is your diet different, any medication or different medications? Did you excerise aftewards or did you lie down shortly afterwards? There are many factors that can impact your treatment outcome. Also, why did you just have 40 units in 3 areas? The recommended dosage is typically 20 units per area which is a total of 60 units.
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Actually, did the additional units sort out your problem? You don't say if the weird lines and bumps have gone away now.
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