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Help! After 10+ years of "thinking", I'm ready to...

Help! After 10+ years of "thinking", I'm ready to do! Got 5 consultations with PS.....what questions should I ask during the consult??? (btw, love this site!) I wonder about infections, I worry about the dreaded scar, I just plain nervous/scared/anxious. My husband is super supportive, but you know men, not wanting to constantly discuss it!! :)
Good for you. You will be so glad you did it. The PS will give you prophylactic antibiotics to prevent infection. The scar will fade to a silvery line over time. I can relate to your feeling scared and nervous. I think that any time a person faces surgery of any kind they go through this. Perhaps this is what you should discuss with your PS and get him to explain exactly what to expect and this will relieve your anxiety. From the price you quoted, sounds like you are getting a "mini" which is much less invasive than when muscle re[air and liposuction is involved. The first two weeks are the worst. Please be sure to pick a board certified surgeon and check out his references or at least see photos of his patients who have had this done. JCHA accreditation is a plus. Good luck! Your husband will love love love it. Beaucat
I haven't picked a surgeon yet… I just put $5000 because I had to put some price in order to post… What is JCHA accreditation?
It's a special type of accreditation for competence and excellence. Every doctor doesn't qualify. It has to do with his/her skills and excellence. It's an abbreviation for Joint Commissions of Hospitals. You can look it up online if you want detailed information. My tummy tuck was a major operation and involved muscle repair and tightening , liposuction , restructuring my belly button and removing a lot of stretched out flabby skin. It cost $7750, but I understand that a "mini" tuck with just removing the stretched skin and stretching it tight costs less. Beaucat

I'm a little discouraged… Went to an amazing doctor today, totally fell in love with him, his quote is close to $14,000 and he told me I needed to lose 20 pounds… Feeling a little deflated. :(

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