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What They Don't Tell You - Kansas City, MO

They didn't tell me that they file your teeth on...

They didn't tell me that they file your teeth on both sides to allow room for them to fit better. I ended up having a gap. They take much longer than expected, months longer. My teeth have gone back some, so it didn't last. Toward the end they put a permanet retainer on to help for a while, and it chipped by bottom 2 teeth. Should have goen with regular braces.

Oh my goodness, it sounds like you had a pretty experience. :(

If I'm understanding correctly, the gap that was formed from the filing (also called IPR for inter-proximal reduction) wasn't completely closed at the finish of treatment, is that correct?

Also, what did your dentist say about the teeth that were chipped?

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They were know as a good orthodontist.

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