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I had double mastectomy surgery with...

I had double mastectomy surgery with reconstruction tissue expanders. The right breast healed perfect but the left has not stopped draining after the surgery I have had 3 other surgeries on my left side my dr said the tissue expander had to come out for 3 months then he will have to start the process again help need advice what yo do. Having only one breast is depressing. Has anybody had that issue of draining from the incision? Dr said the expander was not leaking.

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Well the 3 month wait to put the new expander is depressing seeing yourself in he mirror takes a smile out anyone face, the good thing I found another PS that is willing to finish the job the right way. My previous Dr called to putme on more antibiotics but didn't tell me why, I have never taken so many antibiotics in my life I feel that is the only way he can fix things. I am just waiting for him to release MR to the new PS. Advice to every woman no matter who referred you to a PS always look around for the one that makes you feel comfortable with the whole process.
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I n behind my had a similar problem. My drain got stopped up and had to be taken out early, so I got and infection behind my expander and had to have it remove one month later. They had to leave it out for 3 months, I too was so depressed. Go to one of the shops and get you a prosthesis. Most of the time your insurance will pay for it and they will even pay for the bras that they work with. If not give me a shout and I have one that I will gladly send you with some new bras that I never even wore. I now have my expander back in as of Nov 14th and all is going GREAT this time...So hang in there this too shall pass you are not alone..
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I am so thankful for this site. I feel better knowing there is such nice people out there, and I'm not alone. I found a new Dr that is going to help me through this hopefully in 3 months I can get another expander in there. Now that I switched doctors I feel less stressed not as worried. I am so glad you are doing great with the new expander
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Having the right doctor really means a lot. If you will go on my profile I have some pictures posted of my expanders. This how they after I had the one put back in. Don't worry you will get through all of this I will be here for you just drop me a note anytime. I had gotten a staph infection in the right side of my chest. I went into septic shock and had to have emergency surgery to remove mine. My doctor is the best in the world. He has taken such good care of me. Just relax and let yourself heal. Stress only makes it harder on the healing process..I will be praying for you..
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I'm so sorry to hear what has been going on for you. :(

This person had an issue from an implant, but I thought some of the information the doctors shared might be helpful to you:

Leaking Breast Implant Incision?

Please keep us updated on how you are doing and what goes on from here. Sending good thoughts your way.

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