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Need Help Finding a BBL Dr in my Area - Kansas City, MO

Hi, im 31 years old, im a mother of one. im 5'4 ,...

hi, im 31 years old, im a mother of one. im 5'4 , 212, and looking to get the bbl done in the next few months. I'm really lookin for a great doc in my area that is great at what he does. I'm tryin to kill two birds with one stone. im mostly heavy on top. my main problem is my stomach, arms and back fat. ive never had a butt , and ive never been so heavy in my life.

I figure this would be the time for me. im jus tryin to feel and look sexy again for myself. i havent told anyone about what im goin to do. i jus need some help findin a doc. if you know any in the kc area that is reasonable as well please let me know. im willing to travel, threw missouri and most of kansas. thank u

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Thanks...I'm soo freakin excited myself...lol
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Andrew jimerson at advanced plastic surgery solutions. I have my consultation next month
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good luck on your consultation, make sure you ask many questions... im excited for you...
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Welcome to the bbl sisterhood. Good luck with finding a dr in your area. It may be tough but before making your final choice, you may want to look at a few before and after pics of that dr's work.
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Thanks, I found one in atl, that's showing great before and after pics. I did a lol research on him and was very impressed
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Which dr?
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Hi there,

Thanks so much for sharing your journey with. We have a doctor finder feature, where you can search for BBL doctors in any part of the USA. This might be useful for you!

Please do keep us updated on your progress.

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