Laser Did Not Work

Dr Vargus said she could treat the redness on my...

Dr Vargus said she could treat the redness on my skin. It was her comment to me, I was not even seeking that sort of treatment when I came to see her. Her comment was so confident that it gave me faith that she could take care of the problem, which I had received prior unsuccessful treatments for. I gave it a shot and after $500 and two treatments, I was told there was nothing else they could do. No refund offered or anything. The next time, don't be so quick to tell a client you can fix a problem, especially when they never asked about it in the first place. I wasted $500, this is very unfair.
What kind of laser was used?  Was she successful in treating the original issue that you went to her for?  That does sound like a lackluster experience. If you were an established patient already I am surprised she did not address your disappointment in the lack of results.

Thank you for sharing this experience. I hope you find support from our community.

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