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I have considered getting this proceedure for...

I have considered getting this proceedure for quite sometime now. I am eighteen years old and I am wondering if that is too early? I am feeling skeptical to whether or not they will look just exactly the way i want them..... One of my former managers had this done and absolutely loved it. I just dont know how to start with this journey. Taking out loan?!

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I live in Topeka and I had my ba on dec 4 . I went to dr quin in overland park he is awesome, it was between him and swanson. I went with 475 mentor hp gell. I took a week off work and had to take another week off bc of pain. I do hair, so my arms being up all was not gonna happen. Usually a week off is good. Also I was a 34 a and not sure what I will end up being, I think a large C. I went with care credit, and payments are not bad at all. Good luck girlie keep us posted.
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Some people do finance with a small, personal loan and some save up and some go for Care Credit. Why are you wanting breast augmentation?

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