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I'm not planning to get breast implants until...

I'm not planning to get breast implants until summer of 2013. I am currently deciding which surgeon to go to in my area, and which size i should go for. Judging based off my pictures, what size would i look good with?

Based on my body, I'm 5'3 120 pounds. I like the roundness of my boobs and shape but not satisfied with the size, i don't get how girls with smaller boobs than me can wear push up and it actually looks good but for me it looks flat as heck.

I'm not nervous, i'm ready to get this procedure done, just need to prep and receive every info i can in my brain! As of now i can afford only 4k for this procedure, is that possible? I don't want to go too big, I want possibly a full C only.


My dr had a special for summer 4500 if you paid in full when he normally goes for 7000. It is possible I would look where there is competition maybe that will keep price low too.
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Where are you in the process? Have you made any decisions?
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Gathering as much info as possible is a smart move! Here are some links to guide you during your doctor search and get you started:

Breast Augmentation Consultation: Questions to Ask

To help you better determine your size: How to do the "rice test"

Guide to Breast Implant Options

Looking foward to your updates!

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