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I am 4 week into my new chin augmentation. I had...

I am 4 week into my new chin augmentation. I had such a weak chin and terrible profile I thought this would be the answer. I am so sorry I did it. The doctor used a medium size implant, he said a small one would not make a differece because of my chin size being so small and receeded and I agreed. My side view does look somewhat better but my front view is worse. I lost my big smile and the labiometal crease looks much worse, I think my chin is too big now and the scar is on the bottom of my chin ,not under my chin. I wish I had just been satisfied with my looks. I researched this and most of the photos looked so much better I thought I would have thrilling results, but not so. I am hopeful in time I will get my old smile back.


It has been one year after the chin augmentation.
I have my smile back. It just took a couple of months. I still have a scar and not the profile I hoped for, but I'm ok with everything now.
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Sorry to hear about your experience.  The recovery process is always longer than we expect, so try to get it time.  My mom had surgery on her jaw (both TMJ replaced with artificial joints) and she had a lot of trouble eating and smiling for the first few months.  It's a lot better now so hopefully your smile will return once the nerves heal.  Take care.

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Thank you. Maybe I am expectiong too much for 4 weeks.
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I don't feel like my doctor did anything wrong, I just think I maybe needed a jaw and chin augmentation or that maybe I just wasn't a candidate for this procedure.

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