Nervous and Excited for BA Scheduled April 30th 2012 - Kansas

Hello, I am a 33 yo mother of an 11yo, in the...

Hello, I am a 33 yo mother of an 11yo, in the middle of Kansas. I have decided that having a BA will help me feel like a woman again, after devoting so much love and energy toward my child, family and career. I've enjoyed reading the reviews and blogs so far, as that is truly the education needed, to know what to expect. I find my self struggling with the decision as a feminist, in a way, however with that aside for the time being, I look forward to having the breasts that have eluded me, my entire life. Currently, I am a small B cup, 5'7", 135lbs. I have opted for 375cc, and expect to be at a C when its all over and done with.

So I am 5 days post surgery and loving my...

So I am 5 days post surgery and loving my results!!! I was clear with my doctor about not wanting to have huge boobs, just a nice, full look. He completely came through. The pain was not as bad as I thought it would be, the pain meds were perfect. It was tough to sit still for a week, but I made it; Its difficult to determine what size I will end up being, but guessing a easy C cup.
For anyone struggling with this decision, I would say do your research and make sure your head is clear for all possible internal feelings you may have. I'm nervous to go back to work, and hoping no one will notice the change. I personally feel so much better about my body and do truly feel like a woman again.
I will figure out how to put some photos on here soon.
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Hey good luck on your surgery . Are getting over the muscle or under ? Silcone or saline ? What profile are you getting ?
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Decided upon saline, over the muscle, just being the best option for me.
Not sure if anyone else had to get a mammogram leading up to their surgery? I was surprised extensive the process was. I first called to set it up thinking it would be no big deal, however it seemed like the clinics were reluctant to do it; because of my age. Finally had it done, and it wasn't as bad as the stories I have always heard. Still set for April 30th, and finally fully comfortable with my decision and very much looking forward to it!!!
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I'm very excited for you! It sounds like you're going with a great size for you. I totally get the feminist/breast implant conundrum. I think that's something a lot of us struggle with.

Please keep us updated on how you're feeling as the big day nears.

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