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I wanted to share my follow up story! I finally...

I wanted to share my follow up story! I finally got my breast lift done last month with implants! I am elated at the outcome and how they look way more youthful! Surgery was a success! I have 300cc smooth round moderate plus gel implants submuscular. Here is a link to my previous story!! 

I was asked to write how my recovery has been. I...

I was asked to write how my recovery has been. I am 3 weeks post op. I took pain meds for 2 days, kept ice on them every time I thought about and took 6 Arnica Montana every chance I could. I had very little swelling, very little bruising and was up and about after the anesthetic wore off. I was lifting my youngest child by day 2. It's weird things that were difficult wiping counters and floors, closing the hatch of a car, opening jars. But lifting was no issue. I was back in the gym by two weeks as soon as I was allowed to elevate my heart rate and am already lifting weights. Just haven't done chest yet although another week I am feeling good to go.

I took two weeks off work my job is fairly upper...

I took two weeks off work my job is fairly upper strength demanding....
Dr. Meredith

Dr. Meredith is incredible! He makes you feel very comfortable, is very honest and does not rush you or ever make you feel like you are bother him or wasting his time. His secretary Lindsay is also amazing, so helpful, caring and kind when you have so many concerns and questions! I am very happy with my service provided and would recommend his services to anyone interested in plastic surgery.

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Just curious as to how you are doing a few months post op? Are you back to your normal life routine? Hope you are doing well!

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Doing great!! Scars are healing nicely they are way less noticeable. Love them!!
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And thanks for asking!
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Awww, it's good to hear you're doing well. Feel free to update us on your bra shopping experiences, your work outs at the gym, or whatever! :)

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Wow! Congratulations! You look fantastic! How old is your youngest? Picking him/her up is ok?? I'm worried, my surgery is on Monday and I have a 2.5 yo and a 6 mos old. Your story is encouraging about healing though! :)
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Wow, what an amazing story!! I am so happy for your new look and healthy lifestyle! I have to ask...what was your initial reaction when a doctor suggested you lose weight first? How did you do it? You really must have had a long term goal in mind. Thank you for your continued updates on RealSelf!

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Hi! Thanks for your reply. Hearing constructive criticism is always tough especially when it's not something your used to hearing. But I knew the Dr was right. I was greatful for his honesty and I always think if someone is going to give you straight up criticism that isn't malicious you should accept it and be greatful they cared enough to share. It was entirely life changing for me. I was miserable, out of shape, and lazy. I was missing out on a lot of time with my kids because I lacked the energy to keep up. So first I changed my diet. Starting eating breakfast instead of having coffee for breakfast and crackers for a 2:00 lunch and then letting my cravings take over me from there. Then I decided to hire a trainer and allow 10 weeks just to get my old body back. But I fell in love with the healthier me. I took monthly progress pictures and the changes were astonishing. It motivated me to push harder, eat better and live life to the fullest. I did very little cardio I lost my weight with lifting heavy weights and eating the right foods (nothing processed, very little sugar, no coffee or alcohol). I knew if I allowed those things I would quickly fall back into the old me. Once I got stronger I added in plyo metrics and high intensity interval training instead of hours on a treadmill (WAY too boring for me)...and today I am the healthiest and strongest I have ever been! Plus I have seen a huge improvement in my kids with no processed junk in their diet. So that's it!! Sorry so long :)
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You have given your children one of the best gifts possible... a healthy and happy mom. How beautiful is that?! And now you have some great breasts to go along with the entire package.  :)  Have you been bra shopping yet? You may not need new bras but sometimes our old ones lose their elasticity and just don't do a great job. I'm guessing swim suit shopping will be a different experience too. Can you wear the same sports bras to the gym? No need to apologize for a long comment...we love hearing your inspirational and informative story! 

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