I Had a Double Mastectomy ,expanders Now 800cc Silicone Implant

I have always had big Boobs and loved my cleavage ...

I have always had big Boobs and loved my cleavage .I was so sad when i found out i had cancer. Praise God im cancer free now ! But i just had my silicone implants High profile 800cc put in on 8/12/10 , But my breast dont have much cleavage there is no real round look to my so called DD's its looks like 2 big mounds .will they get more define and look more real.is the swelling all around the implants keeping the boobs from looking like boobs.I showed the doctor what i was wanting to look like and he never said that he couldn't get them to even look close to what i was wanting to look like.what should i do.

Just for some info on my body shape ...I am 5' 5'' and 170 and losing some weight finally and planing on getting lipo and a tummy tuck.most of my fat is around my waist and back ,shoulders and arms.could this be the problem with how my new boobs are looking.

What is the name of the center you went to. I live only 40min from Kalamazoo & want to talk to a Dr about a procedure. You can email me at clgweber2@hotmail.com thank you Valerie.
Who was your doctor? Did you see one in Kalamazoo?

I'm so sorry to hear about all that you've been through. You may want to post your question to our Doctor Q&A forum, where the doctors who post on RealSelf can provide their advice.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery.

Name not provided

He didnt tell me details he more of a jokester in the office Very nice but not very informative

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