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Definetly Feel & look better, but think I will...

Definetly Feel & look better, but think I will go in for another syringe in 6 months. I feel the area could be filled more, but i have to save up!!!

 The hollows are filled and she injected through my gum up into under eye area which i had never heard of, but it worked! no bruising whatsoever

 and afte the first injections she gave me a mirror and asked me if i noticed a difference which i didnt and then proceeded to inject some more- this time through my skin  around the tear trough.

I receieved skin numbing ointment which was left on for about 15 minutes, worked perfectly


Using fillers for hollows under the eye is gaining much more acceptance. They can't solve every problem and if you have discernible bags, sometimes the only solution is surgery. A filler will fill the hollows and make minimal "bags" less apparent but the key focus her is minimal bags. Choose your physician carefully. The eye area is very delicate and you can get into trouble if your doctor does not have a lot of experience working in the eye are. I'm also a surgical ophthalmologist so I know how tricky it can be to do things well and stay away from the danger zones at the same time. Radiesse is not used around the eyes and should not be suggested for that area. Restylane and Juvederm are the standard fillers used for under eye hollows. A very skilled Sculptra injector can use that product - but again, the key to focus on here is very skilled.
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I have a thin face and the nasolabial lines were getting deeper. Also started getting lines around my lips and I am not a smoker. What I wanted improved upon most was the bags under my eyes. I read up on the different fillers and thought Radiesse sounded promising. The first fillers, I was told, would be Radiesse, but when they added up the bill the PA said Restylane & Juvederm. I was numb and tired and did not question them. My cheeks looked full and my bags were almost gone. When the swelling went down, in about 2 weeks, the bags were back. We are paying for it, shouldnt we have some say in what we want and how much we want filled?
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