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Juvederm Seems Better Than Restylane

My doctor was selected to provide past restylane...

my doctor was selected to provide past restylane injection patients with juvederm in place of it. 

hated the restylane injections becs they hurt bad!

Funny how no one talks about that anywhere on the doctor websites!  my avg restyline treatment could last upwards 4 months...a far cry from the up to 1 year i've read.

so the juvederm injection was about 3 mos ago and i'm liking the results...seem like they will last much past 4 months.  the injection was still a bit painful, but not like restylane was.

my doctor told me he's changing over to juvederm only.  he likes it much better and is already experimenting with using it w/ botox to get even better results.  i too wont go back to restylane.

i put a price down on this form but its a guess how much it costs to get juvederm.  my injection was free on account of being part of a test trial. 

if you are both in NY, can you recommend your Juvederm doctor? I'm looking for one who will do lips. thank you so much!
I have had restylane before, and so far after getting juvederm I love it soooo much better. It was less painfull(still hurt but its worth it) looks so much smoother and feels so much smoother. Its a bit more expensive but well worth it. Restylane did last quite a long time in me, honestly about 6-7 months, so i was happy so i guess time will tell how long this will last, but honestly how much smoother it feels and looks makes such a big difference. I love it and everyone should try it. I have had nothing but compliments since then. Being told wow you look great, and no one knows what it is just that somethings different and I look amazing!
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