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Juvederm / Botox Procedure and Recovery: Not Really "A Piece of Cake"

I am 55 years old and had Juvederm injected in my...

I am 55 years old and had Juvederm injected in my lips, and Botox in the area above my upper lip, over 2 weeks ago.  I was in Seattle visiting my family and decided it would be a fun thing to do with my sister.  I did some research on the internet prior to my appointment, but was not prepared for the Juvederm and Botox procedure or the recovery process.  Unfortunately, the medi-spa also did a poor job of providing this information. 

Before injecting the juvaderm filler, the physician injected the inside of my mouth (in 12 different sites) with a local anesthetic, which hurt sooooo bad.  They had also given me 2 Claritin tablets about a half hour before the procedure.  I left the spa very sleepy (from the Claritin), and with a very numb mouth. 

The spa failed to give me post-procedure care instructions.  I had never had anything like this done before, so didn't think to ask about how to care for my "wounds."  They also didn't take post-procedure photos, as they mentioned they would be doing.  They did, however, make sure they got their money before I left!

I looked like someone had beat the crap out of me for about 10 days.  My lips were bruised and there were 1/2" black blotches at the Botox injection sites.  I had to eat soup, yogurt and other soft foods for a week because my mouth was so sore...inside and out.  It's been 16 days and I finally feel like the swelling and bruising is completely gone, and I can see the final results. 

Perhaps if I had been given post-procedure instructions, my swelling and bruising would not have been so extreme.

Today I can say I love the results.  Would I do it again?....maybe, but not at the same clinic. 

It would be in the best interest of the practitioners who are performing these procedures to be really honest about what to expect, both during the procedure and during the recovery period. 


Where are you going?? Who are you trusting with your face???? I have had Botox, Juvederm and Restylyne and never, never went through what you are saying... some minor bruising at injection site on my lower lip but nothing noticeable!!! I had my under eyes done again with juvederm last week and nothing!!! You have to be calm...take some arnica for three days prior to your appointment ladies... with undereye it is better to not have a nerve block...unbearable for the lips though... go to a Doctor not a nurse and make sure he has been doing it for a few years!
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I am from Phoenix also. Has anyone tried the new place at Kierland? I went in and they wanted 1200 to "join" and for my first set of shots (botox and fillers around eyes and lips). I didn't go through with it but I am thinking of going back. I am 45. How many "cc's" do they typically put into one's face? Thanks!
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You were happy with the results from the location in Phoenix. Where is this location? I live in Phoenix and went to another doctor at PL Medical & Laser in Mesa. I just got the Botox on the # 11 lines but it still did not work after 3 times. He was trying to talk me into trying the Juvaderm but I had said that I would wait on this procedure since the Botox did not wotk.
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