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Juvederm Under Eyes - Los Angeles

I had the hollows of my eyes injected with...

I had the hollows of my eyes injected with Juvederm. I'm only thirty five, but thought it would make me look younger as the doctor recommended it. Now I have puffy bags under my eyes that make me look older. I do not recommend having a filler injected into the thin delicate under eye area.

Can this safely be reversed? It's been nine months since injected and has not gone down.

Hi Mandy,
I am so sorry to hear of this. I ended up getting two Thermage's and it naturally melted the Restylane away. I will never get that procedure done again.
There is probably a good cosmetic surgeon to help fix mess up's from doc's somewhere. Have faith and the right person/answer will appear. I did and my bags are gone.

l would not recomment Hyaluronidase, it has melted my lumpy juvaderm including my own tissue!!
Thanks. My intuition told me not to. I ended up getting Thermage for the eyes and am quite happy with the results. I am sorry to hear that happened to you. Maybe you want to try eye thermage.
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I have bags under my eyes from the injection of Juvederm

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