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Juvederm Under Eyes - Los Angeles

I had the hollows of my eyes injected with...

I had the hollows of my eyes injected with Juvederm. I'm only thirty five, but thought it would make me look younger as the doctor recommended it. Now I have puffy bags under my eyes that make me look older. I do not recommend having a filler injected into the thin delicate under eye area.

Can this safely be reversed? It's been nine months since injected and has not gone down.

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I have bags under my eyes from the injection of Juvederm

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Hi Mandy,
I am so sorry to hear of this. I ended up getting two Thermage's and it naturally melted the Restylane away. I will never get that procedure done again.
There is probably a good cosmetic surgeon to help fix mess up's from doc's somewhere. Have faith and the right person/answer will appear. I did and my bags are gone.

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l would not recomment Hyaluronidase, it has melted my lumpy juvaderm including my own tissue!!
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Thanks. My intuition told me not to. I ended up getting Thermage for the eyes and am quite happy with the results. I am sorry to hear that happened to you. Maybe you want to try eye thermage.
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Do NOT ask for vitrase (or any other hyaluronidase) to dissolve the filler. It is a nightmare. I left me with loose skin, discoloured skin and bigger bags under my eyes than I started with. It is a dangerous product and I believe it wrecks/dissolves your natural tissue even though most practitioners claim it only dissolves the product.
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oh my!!!!! l had it done 14 days ago and its giving me the hollow look..Devastated
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I too had a filler recomended to be put in the hollow of my eyes at The Boston Clinic in West London, Nurse Maloney did it, and made both eyes look different, I too have still got it in one eye more than the other and therefore one eye looks heavier than the other. Its now been over 3 years, and I still feel angry with this recomendation. I found out later that the makers of the product themselves do not recomend the use under eyes. Have come to the conclusion is better to have natural wrinkly eyes from smile lines than puffed out and unatural. WE cannot hide our age...as one can see the people that have had it done due to other signals giving away their true age, even if is down to the bone structure of the face itself which changes naturally through time. When will this uglyness of making women do this stuff to themselves stop? When there are more than half the world that do not even have enough to eat, but in those societies the women are usually respected more for their age. This is the irony and inbalance of the world and all women should tune into this and fight back. Start looking at images of beautiful old women or something- as there certainly are.
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Can u tell me how much was injected? the syringes can come in 1/2 mL or 1 mL. How much did the dr use on u? oftentimes, the practitionar doesn't completely understand the nature of the product and overinjects, resulting in unsightly bags. Same thing happened to me. Juvederm under eyes can come out beautifully if it is done correctly, and less is more.
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ask for vitrase
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