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Just went yesterday for my 3rd time with Juvederm...

Just went yesterday for my 3rd time with Juvederm Ultra. I have been pleased everytime with very minimal, if any, bruising or swelling. I always get my nasal folds and marionette lines filled. I am 41 and have been using Juvederm for about 2 years now.

My injector uses litacane for numbing as well as topical numbing cream. The litacain works amazing. It stings a bit but makes the juvederm sticks pain free.

I have mine done at a PS office and they won't do tear troughs at my doctors office because of the poor results and mainly for the chance of blindness. My doc says that the chance is only 1 in a million, but still is too big of a risk for him to do it. I also notice on this blog that the majority of people who have this done around the eyes and in eye hollows are unhappy with having it done on their eyes.

Juvederm WAS NEVER intended to be used in the eye area. It's not safe and the results are generally not that great...Just a word of warning.

The injector is also 80% of the game. I use Juvederm ULTRA as well and it lasts up to 9 months. This last time I went 11 months between visits. Ultra costs alittle bit more, but is thicker and lasts much longer.

Juvederm on the nasal folds and around your mouth takes years off your face. I LOVE it! Totally worth every dime if you use it for what it was intended for!!

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I just had my second round (a 3-month "touchup") with Juvederm for my nasolabial folds and upper lip. I was able to apply makeup over the two tiny pin-prick bruises on nasolabial folds, and have a couple of tiny bruises on the inside of my lip, easily covered with lipstick. Honestly, I am almost 40 but I look 30. I am thin because I work out a lot, so my nasolabial folds had really begun to age me even though I was wrinkle free and have clear, toned facial skin otherwise. I figure $800+ or so once a year is well worth the ten years this takes off my face, and the confidence it restores is priceless. It lets me stay pretty for a bit longer... After all that I've read I am positive that my great results are because of the doctor I chose - a plastic surgeon - and I must reiterate what others have said with regard to that. It's all about the injector and his/her expertise and patience. Slow and steady keeps bruising and lumps at bay. Good luck!
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I agree with most of your comments about Juvederm. I've had a wonderful experience with the product, and personally consider it to be the best hyaluronic filler available. It's been simply wonderful for me and my family over the years. My only objection, is your superfluous warning about Juvie being dangerous to inject in the orbital rim area. I've never experienced any issues, whatsoever, having my under-eye hollows treated. Neither have I heard of these horrific stories of "blindness" caused by the injections. It sounds as if your doctor is just a bit skittish performing a procedure that he's not comfortable with, thus the attempt to discourage you. Obviously, you wouldn't want someone who's not qualified, like an RN, attempting to inject a filler around your eyes... but any competent PS should easily have the skill and experience to do the job. Personally, I would be leery of any cosmetic surgeon who refuses to perform a routine procedure. I've had my tear troughs filled for several years, both with Restylane and Juvederm, and the transformation is always wonderful. It makes this 39 year old look 25 again, and I love the fact that the results last considerably longer in that area of the face. I always get a year of youthful volume before needing another injection.
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I have to agree with you 100%!
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