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Not Worth It for Smoker Lines

I have had juvederm done twice now. The first time...

I have had juvederm done twice now. The first time she said that it just sucked it in and saw very little results. I was getting it done for smoker lines around my lips. She suggested I come back which I did two weeks later and she would use the stronger juvederm. Well, I was really puffed up for a while and once the swelling was gone my lips looked barely any different and the wrinkles are still there. Im very disappoited. I was hoping for much better results.

Does anybody have any suggestions for me? I do know she used a syringe full each time so that should have been enough correct? Im losing hope abd don't want want these wrinkles anymore! Pls help!


Juvederm is a great filler. If you are looking for something temporary, you may want to try another hyaluronic acid filler such as Restylane or Perlane. If you are looking for something more permanent, consider a deep chemical peel such as a phenol peel or an ablative laser treatment such as a CO2 laser. While down time is involved and care is needed, the results are excellent and permanent.
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Try restylane fine lines which is out there. Not all doc's carry it so look around to see who has it.
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