Juvederm Migrated to Jawbone, Looks Like a Giant Worm!

I had Juvederm two months ago then 30 days after...

I had Juvederm two months ago then 30 days after that I had a neck lift (Same Physician). The Juvederm has gone from my cheeks and nasal labial folds to my jaw bone. I have major distortion in my jaw and chin from the product moving. The doctor has tried to dissolve the product but the injection I received to dissolve the Juvederm provided little improvement. It looks like I have large worm underneath my skin on my jaw. This is no exaggeration. It’s so blasted obvious and frustrating. I called after the procedure to tell the doc about the problem and was told it couldn’t be Juvederm and to just massage the area, as it was a normal healing phase from a neck-lift. Then when I returned for a follow-up, the doc told me it had to be the Juve. Apparently I wasn’t believed when I made the initial phone call to the surgeons office. Today I have an uneven lumpy chin and jaw that protrudes. It is humiliating having to go to work like this!!!! I plan to report my issue to the FDA. I hope others who have had issues with the product will report it also. Has anyone else experienced post surgery complications with radical product migration?
It did reduce in size over the course of a few months. I still have an issue under my chin but it's only evident at certain angles. I was left with a permanent dent on my chin, just to the left. The doctor gave me every excuse she could grasp. All speculation. Scare tissue, too much product. I now go to another doctor who shoots my botox. He uses a Restalyn. Absolutes knows what he is doing. He fills the area where the dent is but you can only do so much. It was a Denver doctor by the way that originally mangaled my face. Ms. 5280. The magazine has what they call Top Docs. It's such BS. I regret not getting an attorney. That is how bad it was/is. I am afraid this is not going to help you much. I'm sorry.
Did it ever dissolve California diva?
Need a second opinion with Dr. in the New York area as to whether to remove the juvederm in neck area or not. Its bumpy and lumpoy and I am glad I tested it in that area before haveing any in my face. Anyone know of a specialist in the NY area?
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