Love the results.....prefer liquid lift to surgery

I started getting Juvederm injections about a year...

I started getting Juvederm injections about a year ago. I was 39 at the time, and did not have very deep nasolabial lines, but they were noticable and I wanted to prevent them from becoming deeper. My first injection was done in February, 2007. The dr. used only one syringe on both side of my mouth. The results were as expected, although I can still see a faint line on one side of my face that is due to sagging and cannot be fixed properly with a mini lift. The product lasted only about 5 months (vs. the 9 months advertised) before I started to see the return of the lines. I had the injection re-done, and this time it has lasted six months and counting. Not as dramatic results as Botox, but overall very satisfactory.

I have continued getting Juvederm injections for...

I have continued getting Juvederm injections for the past several years and have to admit I've spent thousands in doing it. The good news is that I'm 44 and people generally guess me to be 32-34 years old. The bad news is that in order to do this, I had to move past the nasolabial folds and have also injected into my midface/cheek area, my jawline, my temples and just recently my lips.

The more "support" you have in your face, the longer the effects last in specific areas. Though I honestly could have paid for a face lift at this point, I didn't take that route because a) some people look different/odd after a lift and b) even people who've had lifts still have to get filler annually. Pulling the skin tight doesn't address the loss of fat and bone in our face that occurs at the rate of approx 5cc per yr. SO, pulling the skin tight won't replace the fullness that is most associated with youth.

So....I've got alot invested, and will keep spending more because its become part of my normal "maintenance". I skip other expenses (lots of clothes, shoes, etc) so that I can afford to pay for my pretty face :-) Worth it..yes...but only if you are willing to resign yourself to continue to pay for it pretty much forever.

4 years later - abandoned the liquid lift in favor of minor surgery

After having convinced myself I would be able to cheat the aging process with fillers to avoid surgery, I have just recently had a minor face procedure - an endotine lift. I discovered over time that while fillers can help hold the structure of the face up, the amount required increases with each passing year ! And, to add insult to injury I also discovered that with increased usage, the face starts to have an overall puffiness that is neither youthful nor aesthetically pleasing.
I'm 48 - and according to my doctor still a bit too young for a real facelift since I have very little loose skin or lines, mostly just volume loss in the mid face which creates naso labial folds and affects the jawline. The procedure cost less than I spend in filler for one year and should last about 3 years until I am a better candidate for a "real" surgery that involves cutting and removing tissue. Here's a bit more info for those of you who might be good candidates for this intermediate facial procedure:
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