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I had procedure 2 days ago. I had some brusing, I...

I had procedure 2 days ago. I had some brusing, I expected all the wrinkle in corner of mouth to be gone at time of injections, but botox was also used to get optimal results so I expect that to improve over time, although I can see major improvement.

Pain was 1 out of 10 for me (with 10 being the worst). I had 2 areas of botox and 1 syringe of juvederm.

The Physician and staff made me feel very comfortable. pleasant experience

how long before you see optimal results of juvederm? is it normal to feel lumps on one side of face and not the other? if you dont have lumps does that mean its not working? how long will it be before I see optimal results of botox?


The doctor can massage the lumps if they do not flatten out. Juvederm is not water based and so what you see is what you get.
It may take about 1 week for the swelling from the injections and the Juvederm to settle.
Dr R Kumar
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i just sent an email regarding interaction of Juvederm with Allegra & Clarinex, and aspirin. Is there a problem?
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Did my own. Very pleased with results. Course I am a nurse and I would not recommend that a non health care professional do their own nor will I do it for anyone else even though my friends are begging me to do it for them. No way..but for myself...yes. Easier than giving yourself insulin which is subcutaneous, fat layer beneath the skin.
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I had saw results from other patients with minimal to major procedures with excellent results, very informative physician and staff, Being my first time to have any type of procedure I was nervous and should have took better notes regarding result time. Very pleasant experience.

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