Love It! I Was Nervous After Reading Reviews, but Would Do It Again.

The doctor was great. He numbed my lip area just...

The doctor was great. He numbed my lip area just like a dentist and also used a topical numbing cream. He was able to fill all the area around my mouth without me feeling a thing. I had the lines around my nose filled and an area by my mouth and nose to smooth things out a bit. It looks so natural. My lines are gone and I'm very happy.


I just had juvederm done on my lips for the 2nd time in Lake Oswego... Icc was $500. I first had juvederm in 2008 and had a special coupon for first time users... I think the cost was $175 but I haven't seen a deal like that since. Both times I went to Dr. Lee Robinson's office in Lake Oswego. And both times I had great results. The nurses really know what they are doing. And the dental block wasn't bad at all. I had some swelling the first day and a tiny bruise day 2 and that's it! I love the results! If you get on their mailing list, they will send you coupons and notify you of any deals they are offering. Or you can just go online and check out their web page for any sales... they are pretty good at updating the website. Hope this helps!
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How recently was the Dr. in Tualatin charging $100? Is that per unit of injection?
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You only paid $100 for all that? Are you sure you had Juvederm?
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