Juvaderm, Not Worth the Price

I received Juvaderm lip injections.  It was...

I received Juvaderm lip injections.  It was painful, but I was able to bear it without a 'local block'.  My eyes teared up quite a bit.  The end result was quite lovely, with naturally plump looking lips.   The problem is that I am a "fast reabsorber" as I am told by my dermatologist.  The results looked natural, but only lasted for about 2 weeks.  I got it done a second time because my derm was not able to use the entire amount and I had already paid for the syringe of EXPENSIVE Juvaderm--again, the results were lovely, but only lasted 2 weeks.  This would be a great procedure IF it lasted.  Financially, it's just not worth it!  My derm was great and I followed all post0op instructions precisely.

Dr. Jaculeen Dano

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I seem to be a fast absorber as well. I had Juvederm injected into my very thin top lip in May. I loved the results, but the result was fully gone by end of July. I had Juvederm re- injected into my top lip and this time into my lower lip as well at beginning of August. It's been about a month and 1/2 and my body seems to be re-absorbing it again. Wonderful results from Juvederm.. just too short lived on me!
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Ten years ago, I had fat injected into my lower lip and it was re-absorbed before my face lift had even begun to heal...very disappointing. The doctor put some tissue into my upper lip and it stayed longer - it's still there... Not sure whether I'm a fast re-absorber or not - should I take the chance on juvederm?
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unfortuantly that happned to me as well i was very upset that it only lasted 2 months and now i have my normal lips again. i feel your pain. im defitnetly in looking into a permanent solution maybe silicon. well good luck!
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I am one of those also. I get a full syringe of Juv Ultra every 5-6 weeks. It is $500 vial so this isn't cheap. I have started exploring the new surgisil lip implants. Supposed to run about $2,000, done in office with only a dental block. Can be removed if needed.
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