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Juvederm, Not Worth It at All - Wrinkles and Lines Are Still There

I had it done and it didn't work all that well. ...

I had it done and it didn't work all that well. Also it left horrible bruises. My boss thought my husband had beaten me up. I had this done in June and here it is August and I still have a small bruise. Hope the bruise will go away soon. The wrinkles are still therre and so are the lines, but perhaps worse.

If you are thinking of having this done, please don't. It was an ordeal. It hurt to have it done. It hurt like H**l. So please please don't do it.

Has anybody used the new Evolence procedure as a line filler? I am considering it. Also, "A New You" facility has opened all over Atlanta. Can you give me feedback on them? Thanks!!!
Hi Caroleanne Can you tell me if you had this done by a plastic surgeon, dermatologist, spa setting, etc? which areas did they inject and did they give you a nerve block first? I hope you're better.
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Don't do it anywhere.

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