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I had Juvederm done for depressed areas on my...

I had Juvederm done for depressed areas on my chin, and also for ice pick acne scarring on my cheek. The Juvederm worked great for my chin. I'm really pleased.

I had this done in the past and the results lasted longer than 1 year. The scarring on my cheek is another matter. I have lumpy areas six months later where the solution had been injected. I went back to my doctor who told me that the Juvederm did not fill in the acne scars, but instead "migrated" to other areas of my cheek!

He said he could inject cortisone into those areas to try to dissolve the Juvederm, or just let it dissolve by itself. I'm going with the latter.

I had also read somewhere that ice pick acne scarring doesn't do well with Juvederm; wish I'd have known that sooner.

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Juvederm does work for acne scarring but what I'm found for ice pick scars is that some additional procedure is necessary to break up scar bands which cause the depression - subcision being one of those treatments. The Juvederm can then be used to fill in the defect and prevent it from reforming. If Juvederm migration is your problem and you are looking to fix it, might I suggest talking to your physician about injecting hyaluronidase. In a couple of injections the Juvederm can be dissolved.
I have a couple ice pick type scars on the sides of my nose. Is subcision followed by juvaderm the best treatment?
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