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Juvederm Not Painful As I Thought

I must say i was nervous as hell getting the...

i must say i was nervous as hell getting the treatment done on my nasolobial folds.After reading all the negative reviews here i even tought about canceling the appointment.But they already had charged my CC i was like what the heck just go for it.

I had it done 1hr ago. I did not get the dental block i hate needles in my mouth.I hate needles period. She mixed it with the numbing medicin i must say it hurts just a little but it was not horrible.And my pain tolerance is low very low.So if i can do it i would say anybody can,i am such a chicken if it comes to needles.

I had no swelling no bruising whatsoever. I did not want them to inject to much reading all the lumps&bruises here i was worried.I did not get my lips done now i wish i would have.I did not know what to expect so i wanted less put on my face as possible.

I dont know how its gonna turn out they only used half of the syringe,and i cant tell the results yet.But it looks good and no pain whatsoever. I think it really depends on who does it and if they do it right.

I hope this help to some chickens like me to make their decisions.

Please give me the name of your doctor. i live in Las Vegas too and would love to get Juviderm for that price. Thank you!!
Hey, I live in Las Vegas too and pay $600 a syringe. My doctor is very good but I can barely afford it and i need more. Can i ask where you went. Thanks!
Wow! Yes, how did you get it so inexpensively, and was it a MedSpa, Dr.'s office, etc.? I sure appreciate it - and let us know how you liked it! I've had it done before, and while it did hurt some, it was worth it, but it didn't last very long at all for me - hoping the newer versions recently out will last longer - thanks!
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