Juvederm Nightmare - not only do I have lumps, I have MANY of them - Brazil

I had restylane lip injections a year and a half...

I had restylane lip injections a year and a half ago but it didnt last long so I decided to try juvederm. I told the doctor that I had some lumps last time and that I was worried about getting them again. He reassured me it wouldnt be the case.

Surprise surprise, not only do I have lumps, I have MANY of them, I can't even smile cause I just look like Lisa Rinna AND he injected ABOVE my lips(I have no effin clue why he did that) so it only intensifies the marge simpson look. Total duck lip. Grooosssssss! To add to the nightmare, it was extremely painful!!

I just look like I have a 3d skin mustash, very lovely, and I've been having a terrible headache since(It,s been 4 days). Anyone had the same problems? I am going to stick to my thin lips from now on.

Lesson learned... Thank god it's temporary!

I've been having Juvederm in my lips for a while now and up until now i've had no problems. No bruising and minimal swelling. However the last time I had it it was a complete nightmare. When I was getting it done the Dr said you may get a little bruising this time which I was absolutley fine about. However the next day I was in extreme pain and I had what looked like burst capillires in my lower lip/chin area. I couldn't move my lower mouth without extreme eye watering pain. After seeing the Dr they recommended they dissolve the product with what ended up with 7 extremely painful injections in an already painful area. My eyes were streaming due to the intense pain and I am now still in a huge amount of discomfort. My lip is heavily bruised and the burst vessels in my lower lip area is highly senstive and painful. I was told if it gets any worse I would need to go to A and E and see a 'proper' doctor. Apparently the product has compromised my blood vessels hence the product having to be dissolved. I am hoping the bruising/pain/soreness is going to get better but I am very very upset and anxious as to whats going to happen and whether I will have permanant damage to my lips. I do not recommend this product to anyone who is unsure about the practioner. Do your research and do not get too greedy with the product like I did
How long does the bruising last? Lips look great although.
I like Juvederm as well...But like Resty for my lip border its firmer and doesn't seem to migrate or spread as much for the lip...I alternate between the two depending on what or how much I'm doing....I don't understand why doctors charge more for Juvederm when it costs them about the same....Worth asking...Maybe they will give the same price...since you get less in a syringe anyway...
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