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I have a fairly thin upper lip and have always had...

i have a fairly thin upper lip and have always had to "draw" outside of my lips to make them look bigger.i started doing my research on lip injections since i was too scared to get a surgery and honestly wasn't sure if i could afford it.finally after a lot of arguing with my husband i got juvederm.i cant say the procedure was completely pain free but it wasn't SO bad without the block.well its been about a week now and i don't see any difference whatsoever.i must say my lips looked so much better the next day of the procedure when they were SWOLLEN,atleast they looked husband keeps saying i completely wasted the money since there is no difference.infact he says that my lips look like "crocodile lips" from the left side because now they have these two weird bumps.infact i recently went to a dinner party where a friend asked me if i got something done to my lips,not because she found them looking bigger,but because of the bumps on the overall...juvederm didnt work for me.i dunno if i shud've gone for restylane instead...i dont afford much and feel like i threw the money in garbage:(
I can totally relate to wishing you had gotten more injected-it's been 10 days for me and the swelling is now completely gone and I also kind of miss how they looked when I first got them. My upper lip was super thin so I can definitely tell it's fuller now, but next time I'm going to ask him to inject a bit more.
Hi Jess: I would like to know the name of your doctor I'm thinking about getting juvederm on my lower eye lids, and I'm so afraid after reading all the bad reviews. Thank you.
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