Juvederm Moved!

I had Juvederm injected in marionette and smile...

I had Juvederm injected in marionette and smile lines 10months ago. Initially, it swelled up a lot. On the left side of my face it seemed to relocate itself from the smile line to above my upper lip. Where it still sits. It is in the shape of a quarter and looks puffy and weird. The doc tried to bring it down a bit, which helped somewhat initially. I decided to wait the rest out. It is going on a year and the stuff just doesn't go down.


Has anyone had any experience with scaring or keloids? I would like to know as I do have those problems and it seems to be one of juvederm's side effects!!!
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Hi, I'm sorry you had such a frustrating experience. Do you have any guesses as to why/how it migrated like that? Also, as a fellow Portlander may I ask who/where you went for it? Thanks and best wishes.
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Very sorry this happend to you! When I got restylane a little bit moved right above my upper lip but it was barley visible and smoothed out within about two months. You should ask your doctor about hyaluronidase to break it up.
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