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I love my new upper lip , i was scared to death to...

I love my new upper lip , i was scared to death to do this , i have had botox done and thought it would be easy like that but was scary. I had the dentel block , i had juvederm injected in my upper lip and bottom of my smile lines . I will do it again in a second. Its been 1 week and i look totally normal. I had the injection at 9 in the morning and was back to work fat lipped at 11. I didnt worry about the way i looked , just so excited i did it. I had it done because i had small fine lines around the top of my lip from sun exposure and worried i woudld look like a grandma with lip stick seeping in the lines, this totally took care of it.I turned 40 a few months ago and feel like a million bucks ! go for it girls !!!
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i'm in michigan too, where did you go? thanks!
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Hi Judy, You might want to submit this as a question for our pros to answer (you'll get more responses that way). Here's a link: (Click here)
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how effective and safe is it to have juvederm done in the area between your eyebrows?
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