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Juvederm Made Me Look Like a Duck

I had my lips done to minimize the the wrinkles...

I had my lips done to minimize the the wrinkles around my upper lip. after 24 hours, I look like a duck. I requested for a consultation of what would be the best treatement. She injected so much of the product in to my upper lip, that I now look like a duck and completely embarrassed. The lines around my upper lip are still noticable; my smile lines (none as the parenthesis (also had injections there)ARE STILL VERY NOTICABLE; my lower lip had minimal done. My intent was NOT to have fuller lips, just a reduction or minimized the lines. This is the worst experience.

I went to Dr. Bentz also..not happy with results at all..ugh
God, I wish I read this posts before trying juvederm. It is a nightmare! Doctor told me in 3 to 4 days I will look fine, which was a lie. It took 2 weeks for the swelling and bruises to get better. He left one side of my mouth plumper then the other one.
Would like to know if and when the swelling went down? I had it done yesterday and my upper lip is pretty darn big - some actually asked me if I had done Botox! Wanted it to be noticeable in the right way not like I look bad...still hopeful
Dr. Bentz

RED MOUNTAIN SPA. If you're looking for Angelina Jolee lips, and were not given them to you natuarlly, steer clear from this procedure. This is truly the most embarrasing appearance.

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