Lumps, Bumps and Bruises

I had Juvederm injected into NasL and into lips....

I had Juvederm injected into NasL and into lips. (2 syringes one in each) My lips look fantastic! But my NasL looks like there is a thick string or a worm under my skin, like a long lump. I just had it done 3 days ago. Does this go away? I have tried to massage it ...but seems to make it appear worse. )c: Anyone else have these issues? I had pretty bad bruising due to taking asprin (a few times) Vit A (everyday) during the week prior to treatment...(dumb girl!) Have Arnica Montana cream ready in case you bruise. I did't get this until a few days later, but it is working now.
Much Dr adv me to use rice hot packs heated in microwave. Make sure not to over heat and burn yourself...I made the packs with a new child's tube sock filled with rice. Hope this helps! Let me know how you do!
Got under my eyes done on Thursday and I'm finding the same thing. I'm at the three- day mark like you were. How are you at the six day mark? Laurali
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