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I used Juvederm first time at age 25. I know it...

I used Juvederm first time at age 25. I know it sounds early,but I had some lines around my mouth and could not stand them.Since than I had it done twice each time with one syringe and by different doctors.The result was instant. Swelling and redness went away in about 3 hours ( i am sure it varies for everybody).For perfect result I could use 2 syringes at once but it would be too expensive for me.The effect lasts I would say less than 6 months. Now I am hooked on the derma fillers

Hi popvoc, 

Welcome to the Juvederm community. I'm glad you have had such a great experience with Juvederm. The amount of swelling you had is great info for the community. Do you have pictures? Please keep us updated and thanks for the review.



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