Looks Good but Major Reaction to Lidocaine or Possible Infection

I've been having Juvederm for a year now and have...

I've been having Juvederm for a year now and have liked the results, although they only last about 3 months for me. I got Juvederm on Friday and four hours later I had a terrible golf ball sized lump on my chin that felt sunburned and was itchy. It was worse the next morning. Went back to Dr. and the nurse wasn't sure if it was a bacterial infection or reaction to Lidocaine.

I have to take 5 days of antibiotics now. It's still itching and warm the touch. Not thrilled.

I am allergic to topical lidocaine. Any time I have an injection and topical lidocaine is applied for any length of time and not immediately removed, I ned up on steriods.
I wrote the above post on the reaction several years ago and since have had many injections of Juvederm, with and without lidocaine, with NO problems,so I am guessing it was a bacterial infection that was my problem. It was awful though and it took months to clear up. :(
As a practitioner in England these experiences are invaluable to read; they give a wide range of feedback from patients and provide evidence to base results of a treatment which helps in consultation to new patients.
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