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Juvederm Looks Amazing -- I Don't Ever Want It to Wear Off!

Love it. Took ten years off my face and gave me a...

Love it. Took ten years off my face and gave me a lip line, which I NEVER had. At first, I freaked. They handed me a mirror and my face was so swollen I looked like Lisa Simpson.

Two hours later, the swelling went down and it looked fine. I mistakenly planned a very active day afterward, complete with a birthday tea and shopping trip with daughter. Drinking tea and running around the mall with a teenager, helping her try on clothes with throbbing lips was not fun. I was sure everyone was looking at me. I'd catch a glimpse and see I looked fine but it was hard. Then we went for pizza. Ow.

The next day, the pain was gone as was all the swelling. I am so thrilled. People are telling me how rested and good I look. It's so natural. Now I'm just worried about when it's going to wear off and how often I will want to do it. I'm not exactly wealthy so I don't know if I can stay on this treadmill. But at the moment, looking in the mirror is so much fun!

It can actually last a very long time. My injections seem to last about a year, although they do shrink over that time period. So I only need to do touch-ups every 8 months or so. However, as I get older, I need injections in more and more places, so I can't say it's all that cheap. Still, it's worth it; at age 47, I'm often mistaken for being in my early 30's.
Thanks for the hope! I still love it, although it has already gone down somewhat. But not that much. There's some new filler out there that's a little more expensive but I don't know much about it. Anyone hear anything?
Lol! I didn't know who that was and had to look it up. Even swollen, I didn't look THAT bad! Hahahah!
Robert E. Wolf, M.D., F.A.C.S.

He was conservative -- didn't make me look like a duck and didn't try to erase all my wrinkles, so I don't look photoshopped. I didn't bruise at all.

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