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Juvederm - I Look Abnormal!

I noticed a thinning of my lips and lines that...

I noticed a thinning of my lips and lines that around my mouth. I hated the way my lipstick kept bleeding into those lines. I opted for Juvederm. Dr had a hard time balancing the left side of my lip with my right. Had to repeatedly inject one side. 24 houes later I look horrible. One side of my lip is at least twice as big as the other and I have a significant clear blister like lump under the lip. I hope it will subside. My bottom lip now looks to small. I wish I would not have had this done.

it will go down, I had that too, actually I went back and had them put more filler (leftover) on the side that was lifted more to even things out and it does look better after the swelling goes away.
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I went to a medi-spa. I should have gone to a board certified plastic surgeon

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