Juvederm Does Not Last!

I have been having Juvederm injected into the...

I have been having Juvederm injected into the "marionette" lines from corners of my mouth to my chin for the last two years. It has never lasted more than 5 months and this time it only lasted 3 months. It is not worth all that money. I look good for about a month and then it starts to disappear. It does not last as long as the claims made. I could buy some beautiful clothing or even get a face lift for all I have spent. No more.

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The doctor is skilled and the experience was pleasant but this filler does not last.

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Hi ladyoftheoaks,
Thanks for your review, I looked it up and found Juvederm is not made to last more then a few months, and according to our Dr.'s answers to this question will break down based on how your body takes it. You might want to check out more of their answers here

Hope that helps,


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