Juvederm Lips Were a Great Idea

I'm afraid I didn't spend what people normally do,...

I'm afraid I didn't spend what people normally do, as I have a friend who only charged me for the actual vial of gel. So, on that count, I was completely satisfied. Aside from cost, however, I have loved the effect it has had on my lips. Although I'm not a smoker or a purser, I have those obnoxious vertical lines around my lips - plus, my upper lip seemed to be disappearing. The other thing that was happening is that the corners of my mouth were dropping. Because this is anonymous, I can say that I've lived my entire life being beautiful (sorry to be blunt) and it's been very difficult to age with grace (I'm 46).

When I was offered Juvederm at cost, I jumped at it - though I'd never had anything else done and was a bit hesitant because of horror stories. I chose to do it without a dental block - uh, not such a good idea. Take the pain medication.

When I walked out of the office, I was elated. No more vertical lines. The corners of my mouth had a youthful, upturned look. My lips, which have never been considered full, had true definition. It's been almost a year and the lines are just now starting to come back. Needless to say, I'm going to do it again. I'm thinking, however, it would be good to do Botox above the lip, as well. I think I'm developing those lines while I sleep!

The other side of it is, the gel is strange. For a month or so, I couldn't really make my mouth into a true "o" -- because it feels as if the gel is one hard strand. That mellowed over time, and it really didn't bother me - except that if I did make an "o," it wouldn't show the normal lines at the mouth, but, kind of a weird wrinkling above my mouth - closer to my nose. It made me know that if I ever saw that in someone else, I'd know they'd had their lips done.


i totally relate to the difficulty of aging when u are attractive all your life. It is very hard not to be drooled by every guy that passes by ... though i am happily married you know girls how it feels. mostly its hard on me. which some people do not understand.
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I am wanting to do Juvederm and live in the Atlanta area. Who is your doctor? Thank you!
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Thanks, Tentative. I'm glad it's anonymous because being blunt is the best way to be with these sorts of things. I am 40 and have also lived my life being beautiful. I believe that having been beautiful makes it much harder to and painful to age...Which is why I took the plunge. I will continue to take the plunge too - until I can't anymore.
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