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Got my Lips Back Reduced Wrinkles Around my Mouth

Had Restalyne in the past. Juvederm injections...

Had Restalyne in the past. Juvederm injections were much less painful and so far the result is just as good...actually more natural looking then the Restalyne injections. Used 2 vials. Ultra for the nasolabial folds and regular for the lip lines and lips. Minimal bruising and swelling. Definitely worth doing as a 57 year old who wants to retain my youthful look.

Personal Touch Med Spa

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Do you have to quit smoking for fillers if you are a smoker?
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I'm am getting Botox and juriderm cx to fix acne scares on chin can anyone tell me if I can return to work in 6 days and it's before the Christmas Holidsys

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For many people there isn't any downtime for Botox or Juvederm. However, everyone is different and some have reported flu like symptoms after Botox, or bruising that has kept them from going about with their usual activities.

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I would also like to get eye area crows and line verical on top under brows filled do not want bags should i stay a from under eye area what would be better Botox or jurede cx also forehead thick lines
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Do you have to stop smoking if your a smoker
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