9 Weeks and Almost Gone

I had one vial of Juvederm (Ultra?) Plus injected...

I had one vial of Juvederm (Ultra?) Plus injected into my lower lip by a reputable doctor. The procedure was fine, mildly painful with some slight bleeding after. The first few days I was very swollen and I developed bruising for at least week. The swelling went down progressively and seemed to stabilize by week #2 and most bruising was gone by then. I still had some lumps that I periodically massaged but not often as I was told that lumps with bruising would disappear on their own.

I enjoyed the results for several weeks, I thought they looked spectacular - plump but not overly noticeable. But by week #7 I noticed, almost overnight, that my lip had gone back to almost normal. I can still see remnants of the bruising and one lumpy spot (only I notice) but very little fullness is left. I can still feel the product in my lips though.

My doctor said I would not need more than one vial and that it would last at least a year. She can't explain what has happened and says she can't recommend anything else but that the procedure is "not for me". Can anyone else suggest anything or has anyone else had a similar experience? I am hesitant to put in another vial as I think it would be more noticeable in my lips if someone kissed me if I had any more in there and I'd rather not risk the expense. It seems like a lot of money for nothing and this is my first experience with any injectables.

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It's now 6 months later and I still have the bruising and my doctor is no longer offering the product, she says too many have been complaining about bruising. Like before, I still 'feel' it in my lips if I bite my lips but not much plumpness at all to show for it.
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the doc that injected mine said the juvederm should last 9 to 12mos .It slowly starts disappearing after the day they put it in .I loved the way it looked. I was hooked . I had in less than 3 mos over 7 thousand dollars injected in my face . Alot of promises pretty much worthless if you are looking for 9 to 12 mos , its not happening .I had a facelift 6wks after the 5 thosand dollar treatment .There are really no short cuts. Ask to see their work .tell them what you expect , be realistic .
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I am going on 2 months now since my upper lip and naselfold had Juvie put in them and I am now just noticing that it seems to be disappearing also, for almost $800.00 I expect a full year or close to that anyway!
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