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LOVE the Results for Laugh Lines; Natural Looking Lips!

I had juvederm for my laugh lines and top lip 2...

I had juvederm for my laugh lines and top lip 2 days ago and just love the results. I really do think that your experience will depend on you susceptibility to bruising and pain, and of course, on the skill of your doctor. My doctor was absolutely wonderful! She took the time to explain everything and walked me through the whole procedure as I was a bit nervous since I had never had anything done before.

The pain was very tolerable. I had the topical anesthetic and, although I had requested the dental block, I ended up not needing it because I was quite numb from the ointment itself. The needle was a bit uncomfortable, but not painful, and this is coming from a person that absolutely hates needles. All in all, I love the results. I had 1cc for the laugh lines and top lip altogether. The laugh lines came out perfectly, and my top lip is nice and pouty, very natural looking. I only have a very small bruise on one side of my face (laugh line area), but it can easily be covered with makeup. Also, I went back to work the next day and even went out last night!

If you want to have Juvederm in Austin, contact me and I can give you my Dr.'s name, she was really very wonderful in her skill and "bedside manner!"

Restora Austin

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I had perlane on my nasal folds and juv on my lips this week, I was very nervous but wanted to look better and didn't want a face lift, too drastic. I am so pleased with the results, I didn't have any bruising, not much swelling, about 2 days. I had the dental block, that was a weird feeling, but no pain. The lip lines and smile lines that were soo deep are almost gone, was really worth it. The cost was almost $1900. I hope it last a long time. My doc was great, had it done at a spa. My face looks so natural, only 2 girlfriends know and they tell me I look 10 years younger. I am 56 yrs old.
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hi, can you please give me the name of your doctor?
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