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Why Pay to Get Bags Under You Eyes?

I finally had my regular dermatologist (well...

I finally had my regular dermatologist (well known, often quoted in beauty mag and featured on TV) that I see every three weeks to inject filler to get rid of lines around my nose/mouth area.

Not only was my face bleeding a lot but I ended up with puffiness around my nose area that only emphasizes the bags under my eyes. I look horrible and many years older.

I am debating about going back to see if something can be done about it but I am so grossed out by the number of times he injected a needle in my face. I was bleeding a lot. I can wait for the filler to wear out but I am 49 years old and feel that I can't waste any time looking like a hag. I am starting to think that aging naturally is the best thing to do.

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My doctor is very well known but he needs to spend more time with his patients. I felt like the procedure was rushed and the result was not flattering.

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I too now have bags under my eyes where there none giving me a haggard look, at first I looked like a domestic violence victim. Now I always look tired. Before I had the folds around my mouth and nose area. Now I still have the folds and the bags. I look worse! My face is a constant reminder of what I don't have. I paid $900.00 that could have gone to better things I saved for it, it took me a long time almost a year and now I have nothing to show for it.
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Do the bags ever go away? What if dissolved? I am in the same boat . I look SO much older now and not to many years to look good. Can c02 lasers help?
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