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Juvederm Injections Under Eyes

Hello. i had juvederm injection under my eyes in...

Hello. i had juvederm injection under my eyes in January. I had the injections to fix the wrinkles under my eyes but all it did was cause darkness under my eyes.

i went back the place were they adminstered the injection and they removed some of it. It still looked dark so they started photo facial treatments under my eyes, free of charge.

i have not been back for a treatment for a month and 1/2. I notided that under my eyes have gotten alot lighter. My question is will they ever go back to normal.

I had Juvederm injected under my eyes about a year...

I had Juvederm injected under my eyes about a year ago. The nurse injected to deeply and caused hemosiderin stains under my eyes. i went back to the facility several times to get IPL treatments and hydrolaise injections to remove the juvderm but nothing seemed to work. I am now going to a dermatologist and she gave me K-Derm and eyes lightening serum. Somedays are better that others. Is there any other treament out there that will speed up my recovery? or do i have no chance of ever getting back to mormal?

Hi MSwift - I agree that our situation is quite similar. I have waited 10 months already and you have waited 12. I have not yet tried laser or IPL, but it seems that it didn't work very well for you anyway. I have sent you a private email to discuss it further. K
Hi Mswift. With hemosiderin staining we have had some luck with q-switched laser treatments. These are the same lasers used for other dark marks such as birthmarks, sun spots and tattoos. They can be helpful with your situation and we would be happy to discuss if you like.
Do you have any offices in Orange County.... close to Huntington Beach?
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