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Juvederm in the Lips and HATE IT - Los Angeles, CA

Got juvederm in the upper and lower lips (1cc)....

Got juvederm in the upper and lower lips (1cc). It's been 72+ hours and it looks very awkward. A lot of the swelling has gone down, I just dont like the semi lumpy unnatural texture of my lips, which are way less attractive than your own soft more delicate non lumpy lips. Also it gives the appearance of duck lips/trout pout, which is partly due to the way it was injected. I would rather have small lips then that. Also another downfall is the lines on your lips and the color of the lips after the injections. I tried wearing lipstick and conditioner but still looks weird/horrible/awkward. I would get it reversed with Hyaluronidase, an enzyme which degrades the Hyalurnoic acid injection(juvederm), but the lips have their own natural supply of Hyalurnoic acid, based on what I've read everywhere, so it only makes sense that you'd be dissolving some of your own natural lips in the process and be left with smaller lips for the cost of $600. Wish I did more research before I got these injections but hopefully in 6 months I won't have a trout pout (if indeed what was used on me was juviderm, and not mixed with some other weird foreign substance that will persist). Moral of the story, DON'T get juviderm injections, accept what god gave you. Or maybe try another procedure but not this at least...

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I'm sorry to hear you don't like the way the Juvederm looks in your lips. What a bummer after paying $600! Like you said, the good thing is it doesn't last forever and it seems many of the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf say it only lasts 4-6 months in the lips.

Please keep us posted on how it goes for you over the next 6 months.

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