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Juvederm Help QUESTIONS!!!!

Hi, I just had Juvederm in my upper lip...

Hi, I just had Juvederm in my upper lip yesterday, I wanted only a very, very small amount to even my upper lip with my lower and it completely looks like a duck bill and is very bruised. Does the duck bill look go away or am I forced to live with this for the next 4 months!? My wedding is in July so I want to make sure I wont look like a freak in 7 months! Thanks!


Please update us as to how your lips are looking these days. It's been over a month for you.
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Yes, give it a few weeks. You'll look a lot better next month but you might want to consider having it redone before your wedding since I found that it doesn't really last that long. I got mine done in late Ocotber 2007 and now its still there but it has softened and has less volume.
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