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Juvederm in N/L Folds Has Worn off in Only 3 Weeks

The procedure was pretty much pain free, and the...

The procedure was pretty much pain free, and the folds around my mouth were improved to start, however after 3 weeks it appears to be wearing off and I am very disappointed.

Hi I had juvederm placed in my nasolabial folds recently. It has been 3 weeks and it is starting wear off already. I was happy withe result, but now am disappointed. Has anyone else had this happen?
The second syringe seems to have helped somewhat. It has been around a month now, but I still feel as though it is wearing off day by day. But I will wait and see how it goes. It is crazy to continue to paying for something that is not lasting.
Just wondering if the second syringe helped. I had two to start with but some of it went into my tear troughs. The swelling is gone and so are the effects after two weeks. Ugg!!! Also the tear thoughs look worse instead of better should have left those alone.
I had one syringe. I went back this week for more, and she did one more syringe. It is hard to know if I am expecting too much, or if I just need even more.
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I am actually uncertain whether to recommend the doctor at this point as I still considering contacting her.

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