Juvederm Fixed Hollows Under my Eyes

I have developed dark hollows under my eyes in the...

I have developed dark hollows under my eyes in the tear trough area. I look tired no matter how much makeup I use. If I gain weight, my face looks better, so for the last several years I've had to make the classic choice for a woman my age: either my face looks good or my butt looks good. Finally I found the answer. Juvederm for the under eye area. After having injections of Juvederm there, I don't look like a tired skeleton anymore, even when I can fit in my nano-jeans.

No downside except for slight bruising and slight lumpiness for the first few days. You have to go to the right, experienced, MD though. I won't let anyone except a cosmetic dermatologist, ENT or plastic surgeon touch my face. And successful Juvederm injections under the eyes is particularly doctor-dependent. Don't let a rookie mess with your eyes. Read other disaster reviews and see what I mean.

How long does the Juvederm last for you?
San Diego Dermatologist

Dr Lupton is excellent. He travels the country lecturing on fillers and botox and has years of experience. He's truly an artist.

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