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Juvederm Didn't Work for Me

Juvederm does not work in naso folds unless you...

Juvederm does not work in naso folds unless you USE TWO SYRINGES. It will only do part of the job. Do radiesse, it is a lot of more, but it is thicker and will fill in steep groves and inclines that juvederm is too weak to do. Trust me, I had juvederm injected (only one syringe) into my naso folds and I need to go in and buy another syringe because the product is too thin and I need more because my folds moderate deep. I am only 29, so they are not like way bad yet. I will get radiesse next time. GET RADIESSE OVER JUVEDERM, you won't regret the decision, but your checkbook will.


the place I do it wont put radiesse into the nasolabial bc it says the results arent as good. :( :(
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P.S. Sorry, in my previous post I meant to say my naso folds were layered with Juvederm, not Restylane.
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Ace, I just had (not sure how much) Radiesse injected in the naso folds, then Restylane layered on top. I'm going back tomorrow (after 10 days) because one side is not as plump as the other and I still see the line; so we'll see what he says... I'm 58. He was kind and only charged $645, and I don't intend to pay any more; I'll just live with the results. Not sure I'll have it done again, I'll probably just stick with a filler and Botox taking care of the frown lines. That I'm super happy with.
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