Not Sure Yet!! Bruised and Swollen

I got injected with juvederm into my above my...

I got injected with juvederm into my above my upper lip 2 days ago and also radiesse into the naso/folds. Currently I feel like a duck. My upper lip is either very swollen or she used to much. I know I only got one syringe of juvederm which my friend said is normal but my lid feels so big! I am severely bruised which I have tried to cover with makeup but to no avail. I am also taking arnaca which so far has not helped. Is it normal to be this bruised and swollen???? When will it get better??? Also it HURT! Despite the numbing and it still hurts. Hurting in CA
I had mine done almost 2 days ago and the swelling is still there even though I have been massaging and applying ice. I have such a big bruise I am going to have to phone in sick to work today because I cant go inlooking the way I do. I wish I had never had juvederm. I have been reading and you can have it dissolved if mine doesnt go down within the next couple of days I will go and have it dissolved because I cant go around looking like this. I havent eaten since I had it done because I feel so sick about it and also it is uncomfortable.
I have an extremely sensitive system. I found I was more sensitive to the anesthetic than to the Juvederm, but I was also extremely swollen for several days and I left the doctors office literally in tears. It did get better and now I am very happy with the results, but I keep getting sores on the inside of my mouth. Things to consider... I probably won't do it again. I may try fat injections next time.
I had my upper lip and vertical lip lines done this past Tuesday (5 days ago). I still feel like my lip is to big, more like a duck bill. Also have a few lumps that are hard and almost resemble a big red cold sore. I have never had cold sores in my life so I know it's the Juv. Right when I had the procedure those same areas you could visibly see a big white nodule. Please keep us updated.
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