Juvederm Around Lips

As part of my "rejuvenation treatment"...

As part of my "rejuvenation treatment" this summer I wanted to minimize the folds and deep lines around my lips. As a kid I had a tremendous overbite and over time I had developed lines usually attributed to smokers.

My treatment yesterday, August 31, involved filling the deep lines on both sides of my mouth with Radiesse and injecting Juvederm around upper and lower lips. On top of that I had 3 Botox injections around each eye to minimize my deep smile wrinkles that were creating some real wrinkles underneath the lower eyelids.

Well, the fillers hurt! My doctor's technique was flawless and she was very gentle, but the needle pricks all around the lips were more than uncomfortable. All in all it took an hour to complete everything.

I was laughing afterwards because I DID look pretty funny with the initial swelling. Others have referred to "Joker" face and it's true. But this morning the swelling is more generalized and the exaggerated smile effect has subsided. I'm bruised (dark purple/black color) around my mouth but I'm hoping that my Jane Iredale concealer will do the trick. I have to teach school today!

After one day I can't say if the result is what I am hoping for but it seems that I will be pretty happy.

I'll update later.

You look great!!
Thank you very much. The other day I was sitting in our sunny living room and my husband took a minute to just look at me. Finally he said, "I wouldn't want to encourage you to spend another $5,000.00, but you really look younger!" You KNOW I'll spend the money again if I have to! Fortunately, CO2 laser results are supposed to last several years...

I really hope you are happy with the results after the bruises are gone. I can't wait for the juvederm to get out of my face. It was applied by a plastic surgeon in Wellington, Florida and he did a terrible job. You can see that in my pictures. It's been 4 months and I massage it everyday hoping it dissolves. Post your pictures and let us see the how you look now.


Photo Update

I had both my upper and lower lip injected. My upper and lower lip on the right side are both bruised and purple; I fibbed about my dog hitting me in the face with his head during play. I'm in day 5 now and the bruising is still bright but the swelling has gone down to a seemingly normal final result. Hopefully the bruising will fade with time, I just don’t know how long and I typically don't wear lip color. My Dr. also messaged my lips vigorously after injection to distribute the product. I'm still lumpy feeling and the bruises, of course. BUT...what I see now, is so much better than what I had before, so despite the down time, it's worth it and I'm sure I'll be totally happy!

Hi Bend3494,

Wow, sounds like no fun with the bruising, but I like your dog story. ;) Are you still bruised? Here is some info from our expert Q&A, about that exact topic. Also, your information would provide community members with a great review. Would you be willing to post one, possibly with pictures? Thanks so much for your comment and for being part of the Juvederm community.

All the best,


Dr. Sandra Cardona/Ellis Laser eye Center, El Cerrito,CA

My provider is a dermatologist and she understands the structure of the face. She also agrees with my "less is more" philosophy. She won't turn me into a caricature.

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